Mallory & Corey - Dallas, Tx

We always love a good jaunt through Bishop Arts. With Mallory and Corey, we started at their venue, Cliff House, and then went exploring around the area. It was a cool, low key shoot which makes it nice not worrying about hiking from one location to another. We popped into a local coffee shop and record store and got a few photos of them with a couple of their favorite records and cup of coffee. After being married for a couple years I’ve noticed it’s things like that that I find the most enjoyable to share with someone special. Even though Kasi and I have had some major events happen in our lives the last few years, it’s little things like listening to our favorite songs together or enjoying a pizza and movie night that end up being our favorite. Something I tend to think about is how or why people assign value to certain things. Sometimes what we are taught to think is important ends up not mattering all that much and things that we overlook are the things we miss the most when they’re gone. For me, I’ve realized that it’s important to take a step back, put a brake on the cynicism and re-calibrate when life gets busy and be thankful for those things and the little moments we share.