Kyla + Marcy - Quinlan, Tx

It always feels like a roll-of-the-dice shooting with all natural light and I was happy to get some interesting light for for Kyla and Marcy’s shoot at the always beautiful White Sparrow. I‘ve also been thinking about what has kept us going as photographers the last several years and I think the one most important things is having empathy. Even with the dramatically lit dark and moody photos or whatever is on trend, I still want to try to put myself in our clients shoes and try to make sure they feel comfortable and capture them as themselves. I don’t want to make it just about our brand of photography but to make sure we are serving are clients/friends well by getting to know them before we ever take a single photo. Our favorite shoots are the ones where we get to be ourselves and our clients get to be theirselves and we get some cool photos of where those things meet. It’s also a bonus if we get some cool natural light to work with!