Debbie & John, Mansfield, Tx

Debbie + John's wedding was full of love and energy from start to finish. They were married at the house John grew up in with it being a community effort where friends and family all pitched in to bring their event to life. They brought in an eclectic assortment of chairs; some being old school desks, others antique dining chairs. During the ceremony, performed by two of John and Debbie’s friends, John’s mom’s dogs made their rounds getting pets and scratches from the guests. On their neighbor's property, they kept several old rusted cars and schools buses that made the perfect backdrop for portraits. The  chandeliers and twinkle lights strung in the trees provided beautiful, warm light. During the toasts, as if it were planned, you could see early July 4th fireworks in the distance. I would also like to note that Debbie found her dress at a local thrift store and rocked it like a badass. (I'm using a cuss to seem edgy here.) Also, I knew we were a good fit when we connected over one of our favorite PS4 games(The Last of Us). I've wasted way too much of my life playing that game at this point but strangely the old school bus photos remind me of parts that game. If you've played it, you might know what I mean. This was such a beautiful, happy, heartfelt wedding and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it!

Also, I was concerned that this song might be a little cheesy but Kasi and I have been loving this new Kacey Muskgraves album and this song seems to fit the photos: