Frequently Asked Questions


How long will you be at my wedding?

We offer coverage for up to 8 hours or up to 12 hours. Most weddings, in my experience, only need up to 8 hours of coverage. However some weddings go longer which is why we offer an additional package up to 12 hours coverage for longer events.

Will our images be edited?

Of course! Every photo I deliver is edited, even if just slightly, for consistency in the highest resolution possible after cropping. I also use a file compression software called JPEGmini to make large files more manageable without losing quality. 

How many images will we receive?

On average I have been delivering anywhere from 500 - 800 photos depending on the wedding. If the party keeps going, so do I. Some weddings can be more eventful than others but my goal is to deliver as many great images as possible.

How will we get our images?

Images are delivered through a downloadable online gallery and can be shared with friends and family with a download PIN. 

Do you travel for weddings?

Heck yeah! There is nothing I love more than shooting weddings in places other than where I live. I traveled as a musician for several years and I got used to touring so anytime I get to shoot away from home it feeds my wanderlust. For certain distances within Texas and out of state locations, I ask for a travel fee for overnight lodging, and/or airfare to cover travel cost. 

How do we go about booking?

Upon booking, I ask for a $1000 deposit to hold the date and the remaining balance is due two weeks before the wedding date. I use an online e-sign system to send contracts and receive signatures. After that, its official! If you would like to see a sample contract you can download one HERE

How long will it take to get our photos? 

Depending on the season, it may take 4 - 8 weeks to see the full set of photos. However, I know that a couple months can be a long time to wait so I like to send over a preview galley in the meantime.

How long do engagement shoots last?

Engagement shoots usually last a couple of hours. I like to start a couple of hours before sunset and shoot until there's not much light left but I don't have an official cap on the amount of time that I shoot. 


How many outfit changes can we have for an engagement shoot?

As many as you want! However, keep in mind, if we are shooting out on a nature trail, there might not be a preferable place to change. 

What if none of your packages match our budget?

Almost every wedding I shoot ends up being a custom package of some sort. My pricing guide is essentially a starting point. The most important thing is that you guys have a connection to me and my work because I'll be with you all day on your wedding day. If you feel like I would be the right photographer for your wedding day, let me know where your budget is and we can talk about a custom package. 

Do we need a second photographer?

Probably not, but maybe. I offer a second photographer as an add on to my package because most weddings I shoot don't *need* a second photographer. After I met my wife, Kasi, she has helped me with about half the weddings I've shot within the last three years, but most of the weddings I've shot throughout the years, I've been on my own. If you definitely want photos of both of you getting ready and one or both of you is getting ready off-site, you might want a second. Also, it can occasionally be difficult for a single photographer to capture a large amount of details if the room is being flipped before guests descend upon the tables. However, if your schedule is planned carefully, you probably won't need a second photographer but it might help certain parts of the day go smoother. 

How many weddings have you shot?

By now, I've shot well over 100 weddings. However, more importantly than the years of experience and number of weddings I've shot, is personal connection. Experience is important when it comes to wedding photography but after you've shot about your 20th wedding you're pretty well seasoned in my opinion, and connecting with a photographer and their work is far more important than the number of years shooting or number of weddings shot. 

Do you need a shot list?

Shot lists almost always prove to be more of a distraction than anything. On a rare occasion there are things that I wouldn't otherwise know are taking place without a heads up but it's ultimately more important for me to be present in the moments during the day rather than babysitting a checklist of shots that I already planned on getting. 

Can we meet before the wedding day?

Yes, absolutely! In fact I make it a point to never shoot a wedding without meeting in person or at least on Skype if I can help it. Wedding photography is unique to many other businesses because a personal connection is so important. 

Do you charge tax?

Yes. The state of Texas requires me to charge 8.25% sales tax on digital goods and services. 

Who owns the copyright?

I retain the copyright of the images from your wedding day. However, my contract gives personal print and media rights to clients.


If you have any other questions at all I would love to answer them, just shoot me an email!